Overland Park, Kansas Location Opening Soon, at 10520 Barkley St #120


Overland Park, Kansas Location Opening Soon, at 10520 Barkley St #120


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Workers’ Compensation

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Seamless Referrals at Core Medical Center

We understand the importance of efficient case handling for employers and attorneys dealing with motor vehicle and tractor-trailer accidents. That’s why we’ve simplified our referral process.

For Employers/Case Managers/Other: If you have employees who have suffered workplace injuries and need high-quality, compassionate care, Core Medical Center is here to help. We’ve made it easier for you to refer Occupational Health and Safety cases to us. Simply click on the ‘Employer Referrals’ button, fill out the form with the necessary information, and our team will promptly follow up on your submission. During operating hours the same day off hours within 24hrs of the next business day.

Core Medical Center is synonymous with quality. In Missouri, it’s often the employers who decide where their employees should seek treatment for work-related injuries. However, a significant 80% of these patients willingly return to us for their personal healthcare needs.

This stands as a testimony to our exceptional service, setting us apart in a field that’s sometimes linked to subpar care for referred injury patients. We’re not just about treating patients; we actively contribute to fostering healthier, more positive relationships between employers and employees. It’s this unique approach that truly transforms the dynamic of the workplace, adding to overall morale.

Crashes For Attorneys

For MVA/Truck Crash Attorneys: We are experienced in dealing with motor vehicle and tractor-trailer accident cases. If you’re seeking reliable healthcare services for your clients, look no further. Just click ‘Attorney Referrals’, complete the form, and we’ll get back to you swiftly to discuss the next steps.

Our streamlined referral process ensures that your employees or clients will receive the care they need as soon as possible. We value your trust and are committed to delivering the best service to those you refer to us as well as the best communication and swift documentation submissions. Thank you for choosing Core Medical Center!