Overland Park, Kansas Location Opening Soon, at 10520 Barkley St #120


Overland Park, Kansas Location Opening Soon, at 10520 Barkley St #120


Federal Workers

Comprehensive Care for Injured Federal Workers in Blue Springs and North Kansas City

At Core Medical Center, we provide more than just superior medical services for injured federal workers in Blue Springs and North Kansas City. We understand that navigating through the recovery journey involves dealing with complex administrative processes. That’s where our expert case managers come in, specializing in the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP) claim submission and approval system.

Expert Case Management for OWCP Claims

Submitting a claim through the OWCP can be daunting. It involves intricate forms, tight deadlines, and complicated terminology. But with our experienced case managers by your side, you can easily apply for Federal Worker’s Compensation.

Our case managers are not medical providers but specialists trained in the complexities of the OWCP system. They are experts in formulating and guiding your claim through the necessary steps toward approval. They ensure all the necessary documents are accurately completed, keeping track of deadlines, and making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Comprehensive Treatment for Work-Related Injuries

Injured federal workers can rely on our medical professionals for effective treatment plans tailored to their specific injuries. Our primary goal is to facilitate your recovery, getting you back to full health as quickly and safely as possible.

A Partnership You Can Rely On

Core Medical Center is your trusted partner, providing a holistic approach to workplace injury recovery. With a combination of top-tier medical care and expert case management, we’ve assisted countless federal workers in Blue Springs and North Kansas City through their OWCP claims and recovery process.

If you’re a federal worker dealing with an on-the-job injury, allow us to help. We take care of both your recovery and your OWCP claim, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your health and well-being.