How We Work

We Take A Comprehensive Approach To Care

How We Work
Professionals & Specialists

Our esteemed team of medical professionals specializes in acute injury care, occupational medicine, and interventional pain management. This highly skilled team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, interventional pain management specialists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists who work together to provide comprehensive medical treatment. As we are masters at handling Workplace Injury Compensation cases efficiently, our in-office case managers and administrative staff ensure efficient coordination and exceptional support for patients. They also ensure full support and assistance to 3rd party administrators throughout their treatment journey.

A Focus on “Back to Work” and Reducing Litigation Cases

At Core Medical, we prioritize the goal of getting injured workers back to work efficiently and effectively, recognizing the significant benefits for both employers and employees. We understand the value of early intervention in addressing injuries and promoting timely recovery to prevent long-term complications and the development of chronic pain.

By promptly addressing injuries and implementing appropriate treatment plans, we strive to minimize the need for prolonged absences from work and reduce the likelihood of cases escalating to litigation. Our proactive approach not only helps patients return to their work routine sooner but also contributes to cost savings for all parties involved.

Streamlined Communication

With in-office adjusters, case managers, and medical staff located together, there is a single point of contact for injured workers and employers, eliminating confusion and streamlining communication. This seamless coordination enhances the overall experience and leads to improved outcomes.